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Why create buildahorn.com? Dedicated to assisting the builder, inventor, repairman and yes, the tinker who wants to make, improve and innovate our beloved instrument "The Horn". In this website you will find all the items and assemblies you need to complete or improve your instrument. Many of you have creative design ideas but the difficulty is obtaining quality parts in a cost effective basis and on a timely manner. Inside this website you will find the most unique designs carefully crafted and presented. Because of this we are pleased to offer our 40 plus years in building and manufacturing at your service.

This website is ground breaking and the first of its kind in the United States, made in an effort to build the parts necessary to fulfill your vision. More components will be developed in the future as time permits. Items and assemblies can be supplied in a slightly rough finish or highly polished. Not all parts in this website are completely finished and some will show minor blemishes. Lengths can be modified to fit each individual players pitch. Custom valve designs can offer different knuckle patterns to create a limitless choice of configurations. Your individual need is OUR GOAL.

In closing we will be offering apps for Horn making and indeed complete clinics in Horn building covering many aspects. Your thoughts, suggestions and ideas are truly welcome.


The Atkinson Team
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